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Father Michael Deering's Sunday Homilies

Father Michael Deering's Sunday Homilies

The warmth of God’s love is related to our nearness to the Son!

Posted by Lori Wesson

The warmth of God’s love is related to our nearness to the Son!Homily originally presented May 9, 2021by Monsignor Deering


I had a lunch meeting at a Restaurant that a TV off in the corner.

I glanced up at it a few times whenever someone at our table ... Read More »

Thank God for Witnesses!

Posted by Lori Wesson

Thank God for Witnesses!Homily originally presented April 18, 2021by Monsignor Deering


A family that lives out the rural town of Coker tells the story of the day their family was sitting outside on their front porch all enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon with many of them taking a ... Read More »

Jesus, who is Divine Mercy, offers forgiveness and reparation!

Posted by Lori Wesson

Jesus, who is Divine Mercy, offers forgiveness and reparation!Homily originally presented on April 11, 2021by Monsignor Deering


During my years as Pastor of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church up in Gardendale, AL, I became friends with the Owner of the Hamburger Heaven restaurant.

We talked about our Faith ... Read More »

An amazing day … an amazing promise!

Posted by Lori Wesson

An amazing day … an amazing promise!Homily originally presented on April 4, 2021

Do you know what the Carbonara Effect is?


I sure didn’t ... until I went up to Chicago 2 years ago on vacation and spent some time with my cousin, Laura, who introduced me to ... Read More »

Palm / Passion Sunday!

Posted by Lori Wesson

Palm / Passion Sunday!

Homily originally presented March 28, 2021


How quickly a person can fall from favor! We see it every day in the news ... with Entertainers, Athletes, Politicians: one day you’re a star / the next you’re not so bright.


Well, that’s exactly what ... Read More »

God believes in giving Mulligans!

Posted by Lori Wesson

God believes in giving Mulligans!Homily originally presented March 14, 2021by Monsignor Deering


Those of you who play the game of Golf, know about the term Mulligan.

It’s a silly name ... that means that you’ve been given a courtesy ... namely the opportunity to take your golf shot ... Read More »

Our God is Holy and Just!

Posted by Lori Wesson

Our God is Holy and Just!Homily originally presented March 7, 2021by Monsignor Deering


There may be some truth to the statement that several people make ...

about what they’re hearing preached in their church on Sunday.


Whether they’re Catholic or Protestant, a good many people will tell ... Read More »

You’ll only have my body!

Posted by Lori Wesson

You’ll only have my body!Homily originally presented February 21, 2021by Monsignor Deering


There was a man who came to prominence 100 years ago in India … the man, Mahatma Gandhi. He was a gentle, spiritual, Hindu man who became a great leader of the Indian people. He did ... Read More »

If you wish, you can make me clean!

Posted by Lori Wesson

If you wish, you can make me clean!Homily originally presented February 14, 2021by Monsignor Deering


As you and I grow older ... we’re likely to have the need

to call upon more and more Doctors to help us with our health.


When we’re young, we normally need ... Read More »

Be Hopeful and preach the Good News to the Hopeless!

Posted by Lori Wesson

Be Hopeful and preach the Good News to the Hopeless!Homily originally presented February 7, 2021by Monsignor Deering


Forty years ago, there was a marvelous Personal Effectiveness Training Program offered in ten major cities of America that helped people learn to operate at their full potential in the way ... Read More »