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Father Michael Deering's Sunday Homilies

Father Michael Deering's Sunday Homilies

God gave us His all when He gave us His Son!

Posted by Dolores Burroughs

Many people have at least a passing awareness of the world of sports. For example, you probably know that the Winter Olympics, going on for 2 weeks in Pyeongchang, South Korea, will have their Closing Ceremonies tonight.


You may know too that the young NASCAR driver, Austin Dillion,

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If you wish, you can make me clean!

Posted by Dolores Burroughs

A recommendation that you’ve probably heard from your employer or health care provider is to have preventative medical check-ups. That’s because, often times when you can catch a medical problem early, it’s easier and less expensive to fix.


A common guideline given for adults is to have: A ... Read More »

Be Hopeful and preach the Good News to the Hopeless!

Posted by Dolores Burroughs

If you’ve ever looked through old Prayer Books, you might have seen the words,

“Jesus and Mary, save souls.”


Growing up, I remember seeing that little invocation prayer

in many books and on prayer cards and holy cards.  


I also remember hearing that invocation spoken by ... Read More »

Humble Yourself Before God!

Posted by Dolores Burroughs

Next Sunday, February 4th is Super Bowl Sunday!


On that day, the best team from the American Football Conference

       will play the best team from the National Football Conference

and the winner will reign for a year as Super Bowl Champion.


Not long ago, Super Bowl ... Read More »

Holy Families are the building blocks of society!

Posted by Dolores Burroughs


Now that the kids have opened all of their Christmas presents, I wonder how many got one of the big three from my day:

 either Block City ... Log Cabin .. or ... Girder and Panel Building Set!


If none of those products ring a bell, perhaps ... Read More »

God has built a house for you!

Posted by Dolores Burroughs

God has built a house for you!


I’ll bet there’ve been times in your life where you wanted to do something nice for someone ... and they turned it around on you ... and did something nice for you!


I recall the time last year where I ... Read More »

Prepare the Way of the Lord!

Posted by Stacey Didyoung


Preached on Sunday, December 10, 2017


There’s an intersection of two main roads in downtown Birmingham that is referred to as “Malfunction Junction”!


It acquired that name because its poor design has contributed to a good number of accidents and traffic jams and hot tempers ever ... Read More »

Christ The King

Posted by Stacey Didyoung

Preached on Sunday, November 26, 2017


If you were asked to name some of the great kings in history, who would come to mind?


Julius Caesar was a king. He was involved with Cleopatra in Egypt. He was murdered by Brutus on the Ides of March in ... Read More »

Be A Good And Faithful Servant

Posted by Stacey Didyoung

Preached on Sunday, November 19, 2017


Most people do not own their own business ... and have people working for them.

Most people are employees ... who work for an owner or a boss.


But consider for a minute what it would be like ...

if you ... Read More »

National Vocations Awareness Week

Posted by Stacey Didyoung

Preached on Sunday, November 5, 2017


How far would you be willing to drive to go to Church and attend Holy Mass?


Some of you people here today live close by and

had to drive just a few minutes to get from home to this Church.


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