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Father Michael Deering's Sunday Homilies

Father Michael Deering's Sunday Homilies

Don't Make Me Come Down There!

Posted by Stacey Didyoung

Preached on Sunday, October 8, 2017


With virtually every person having a cell phone these days, most every person is familiar with texting ... sending brief messages in text form to others.


Well the thought occurs to me … what would it be like … if God ... Read More »

Pray To Finish On the Right Side of the Line!

Posted by Dolores Burroughs

Preached on Sunday, October 1, 2017


There’s a tiny little town, 20 miles north of Chicago called Fox Lake that holds their Fireman’s Fall Festival about this time each year. I got to attend this event many years ago and can still remember a particular competition they had ... Read More »

It's Never Too Late to Respond to God's Invitation

Posted by Dolores Burroughs

Preached on Sunday, September 24, 2017

The popular movie star, who had pleased audiences for nearly 50 years, lay dying in a California Hospital. He knew that alcohol and hard living had taken their toll on him and that his body was being eaten up with cancer. He knew ... Read More »

Offer Forgiveness and Care to Other People!

Posted by Dolores Burroughs

Preached on Sunday, September 17, 2017

A friend of mine, who was Head Usher years ago at Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Homewood, Frank LaRussa, gave me a copy of a prayer that he used to pray.

It goes like this:


Dear Lord, so far today, I’ve ... Read More »

Confronting Your Brother with His Sin

Posted by Dolores Burroughs

Preached on Sunday, September 10, 2017


Next month, I go for my semi-annual checkup by my Dentist.

Hopefully I’ll get a good report and go home with a new toothbrush

to help me continue to keep my teeth and my gums healthy.


The hygienist, who cleans my ... Read More »

Jesus came to bring Salvation to all Nations!

Posted by Dolores Burroughs

Preached on Sunday, August 20, 2017


You may know of the Catholic High School that serves the Greater Birmingham area, it’s John Carroll Catholic High School that’s located off I-65 on Lakeshore Drive in Homewood.


Three years ago in June of 2014, they announced their “Forevermore Campaign”

... Read More »

The Goal is to get into the Master's Club!

Posted by Dolores Burroughs

 Preached on Sunday, August 8, 2017

Many large companies in America take the time once a year to gather all of their Sales people together at some special resort to have a National Sales Meeting.


During the many years that I worked for the Eastman Kodak Company, we ... Read More »

The Pearl of Great Price!

Posted by Site Webmaster

Preached on Sunday, July 30, 2017.

 With just a little reflection, I believe all of us could review our lives at a high level and name the things that were very important to us over the years.

If we needed any help with this, we might look through our ... Read More »

Give the Weeds a Chance to Become Wheat!

Posted by Site Webmaster

Preached on Sunday, July 17, 2017.

 OJ Simpson was in the news this week ... there he was ... once again ...

   on the TV and the Front Page of the paper as he won parole from prison ...

after spending almost 9 years behind bars for attempted ... Read More »

Will You Entrust Your Salvation to Skill or Chance?

Posted by Site Webmaster

Preached on July 2, 2017.


What kind of games do you like to play … games of skill or games of chance?


For example, if you went into a casino, you’d find games such as Poker & Blackjack. These games require a level of skill to play.

... Read More »