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Sales continue for the Columbarium niches. The niches are available either as an 8X8 for $3,500 or a 12X12 for $5,500. Either size niche will hold the cre-mains of two (2) people.

A memorial Obelisk has been erected as a featured part of our Columbarium Gardens. The purpose of the Obelisk is to memorialize deceased family members and friends by engraving their names on bronze plaques which are then placed on the Obelisk. The cost is $250 for one name on a single plaque and $400 for two names on a double plaque.

If you would like to know more or purchase a niche or a plaque contact Peg Lyons at (205) 556-4598



FAQ's about Columbariums and Cremation


Can Catholics be cremated?
Yes. In May 1963 the Vatican’s Holy Office (now the congregation of the
Doctrine of Faith) lifted the prohibition forbidding Catholics to choose
cremation. This permission was incorporated into the revised Code of
Canon Law of 1983.

What is a Columbarium?
A Columbarium is a group of niches, typically within a granite, stone or
marble wall, where cremated remains are placed. Ashes are placed in urns
that are placed in the niches.

Why have a Columbarium?
The Church has traditionally been the natural and final resting place of
deceased members of the Christian community. Burial in the adjacent
courtyard was once common practice. The amount of land necessary for a
burial ground is no longer available to most churches and a myriad of laws
and regulations make it extremely difficult to establish a burial site.
Many people are turning to cremation with inurnment of the ashes,
rather than a burial, as a dignified way to address the rising cost of
traditional funerals. Many Catholic Churches are creating a
Columbarium as a way to address the needs of those who choose
cremation and would like to have the Church grounds as their final
resting place. With the creation of a Columbarium the parish address
the need of those who choose cremation and prefer for their final
resting place to be close to the church that was an important part of
their lives.