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Father Michael Deering's Sunday Homilies

Father Michael Deering's Sunday Homilies

Give in order to receive!

Posted by Lori Wesson

Give In Order to Receive!Homily originally preachedSeptember 19, 2021


You know well that McFarland Blvd is one busy street.

The traffic on that street is very heavy at most hours of the day.


And close behind it ... I believe ... ranks the street in front of ... Read More »

Don’t give up … Surrender!

Posted by Lori Wesson

Don’t give up … Surrender!Homily originally presented August 8, 2021by Rev. Michael Deering


There’s something that’s done in the sport of Boxing that signals when one boxer has had enough punishment and can’t go on any longer.

The trainer in that boxer’s corner takes the towel that is ... Read More »

Power is made perfect in weakness!

Posted by Lori Wesson

Power is made perfect in weakness!Homily originally presented July 4, 2021by Monsignor Michael Deering


You’ve probably heard me tell you that if you attend Mass every day of the year

for 3 consecutive years, you will have heard 95% of the Bible proclaimed.


This is because the ... Read More »

The awesome power of God!

Posted by Lori Wesson

The awesome power of God!Homily originally presented June 20, 2021by Monsignor Deering


There’s a TV program that you may be familiar with called “Deadliest Catch”.

It premiered in 2005 and continues in its 14th season on the Discovery Channel...

 many people say they’re hooked on it.


It’s ... Read More »

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ!

Posted by Lori Wesson

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ!Homily originally presented June 6, 2021by Monsignor Deering


Last week, our Knights of Columbus men’s group provided Boston Butts for the Memorial Day Weekend. After preparing them with a special “rub” and smoking them for hours in the BBQ Pit ... ... Read More »

Win, I want you to win!

Posted by Lori Wesson

Win, I want you to win!Homily originally presented May 23, 2021by Monsignor Deering


I’ll bet that most of you Seniors either saw or heard of the two action-packed Boxing movies that came out in 2015 and 2018 ... Creed and Creed II.


They were sequels to the ... Read More »

Stay in His Draft!

Posted by Lori Wesson

Stay in His Draft!Homily originally presented May 2, 2021by Monsignor Deering


What would you think of ... if I were to say,     “the draft”?


Let’s see ... it could be one of many things!


If you’re a mother of young children, you might think of how ... Read More »

The warmth of God’s love is related to our nearness to the Son!

Posted by Lori Wesson

The warmth of God’s love is related to our nearness to the Son!Homily originally presented May 9, 2021by Monsignor Deering


I had a lunch meeting at a Restaurant that a TV off in the corner.

I glanced up at it a few times whenever someone at our table ... Read More »

Thank God for Witnesses!

Posted by Lori Wesson

Thank God for Witnesses!Homily originally presented April 18, 2021by Monsignor Deering


A family that lives out the rural town of Coker tells the story of the day their family was sitting outside on their front porch all enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon with many of them taking a ... Read More »

Jesus, who is Divine Mercy, offers forgiveness and reparation!

Posted by Lori Wesson

Jesus, who is Divine Mercy, offers forgiveness and reparation!Homily originally presented on April 11, 2021by Monsignor Deering


During my years as Pastor of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church up in Gardendale, AL, I became friends with the Owner of the Hamburger Heaven restaurant.

We talked about our Faith ... Read More »