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Public Masses to resume, Sunday, May 17, 2020

Dear Parishioners                                                                                                  May 13, 2020


Good News!


You, the faithful, will once again be allowed to gather inside Church

beginning with Sunday Mass this coming Sunday, May 17th

to celebrate the Sixth Sunday of Easter!


There will be no public Mass this Saturday, May 16th.


There will be no public Mass at St. John’s on Sunday.


Our first public Masses at Holy Spirit Church will be:


Sunday May 17th

8:45 AM,

11:00 AM

1:00 PM (Hispanic)  


Our one desire is that we preserve the health of all our Parishioners

who take the opportunity to gather in Church to celebrate the love of God.


The Mass will still be available through our Web Page

via either You-Tube or Facebook.


You will be able to view:

a Private Mass live-streamed at 5:00 PM Saturday, May 16th,

or a recorded Mass at any time on Sunday

for those who choose not to attend the Sunday Mass in person.


Please know that Bishop Baker has dispensed all the faithful

from the obligation of attending Sunday Mass in person 

through Sunday, June 28th.


This means that there is no sin for not attending Mass in person,

but the expectation is that you will view the Mass

through one of the many media outlets

either live-streamed or recorded.


I look forward to seeing you in Church as we carefully progress toward

the “the closeness” we’re all yearning to share!

Love, Father Deering




For all attending Mass at Holy Spirit Church in person,

please follow these guidelines to preserve the good health of all.



  1. Enter Church as a family and leave as a family without engaging others in conversation or embrace.


  1. The pews have been roped off to insure an empty pew between people.


  1. Families may sit together, but leave six feet distance between families in each pew.


  1. The Nursery, the Molly Room, the Cry Room and the Chapel will be closed.


  1. Maintain 6-feet between others when processing forward for Holy Communion.


  1. Feel free to wear face masks in Church (remove them to receive Holy Communion)


  1. The hymnals have all been removed ... disposable Song Sheets will be available.


  1. Collection Baskets will be at the doors of the church to eliminate passing the basket.


  1. Please bring your Tithes and Offerings with you and place in the basket.


  1. The Bathroom doors will be left open to eliminate touching them to open.


  1. We will limit the number of people in each Bathroom (there may be a little wait)


  1. There will be no access to our drinking fountain.


  1. Hand Sanitizer will be available from the Ushers.


  1. The Parish Hall will remain closed so no gathering for Donuts & Coffee after Mass


  1. The Sacrament of Confession will not be available this Saturday!


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