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May 18, 2020 -- Praise the Lord!

Dear Parishioners                                                                                                  May 18, 2020

Praise the Lord!


 “The halls of the heavenly Kingdom are thrown open to the faithful!”


Yes, this Easter Prayer that we hear in the middle of Mass

refers to what Jesus did in overcoming sin and opening the Gates of Heaven.


And in a similar way, yesterday,

the doors of our Church were thrown open to the faithful!




Congratulations to all who attended Sunday Mass.

I estimate we had 250 people at the 8:45 Mass and 100 people at the 11:00 Mass.


Thank you too for happily embracing the changes we’ve made to insure good health.


Hopefully, as time goes by, more and more of you will feel comfortable

to come and pray inside of our Church.


In the meantime we will continue to provide the Virtual Mass each weekend

 until Bishop removes the dispensation for not attending Mass in person

 which currently extends through Sunday, June 28th.


Beginning this week, we will shift from live-streaming the 5 PM Saturday Mass

to live-streaming the 11 AM Sunday Mass.


This will enable our A/V Team to film back to back Masses

as we have resumed the 1 PM Sunday Hispanic Mass.


So, while we will offer the 5 PM Saturday Mass for you to attend in person,

it will not be videoed and available as a Virtual Mass on the Internet.


Therefore, the earliest that you can view Mass remotely will be:

when it is live-streamed at 11 AM on Sunday or

when you view the stored copy anytime later on Sunday.


More good news!

The main Church will now be open during the day.

Please sit only in one of the first 2 open pews at the front of the Church.

and do not go into the Chapel.


Love, Father Deering


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