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Letter to the Parish -- March 31, 2020

Dear Parish Family                                                                     March 31, 2020


This past Friday was a very special ... for each of us ... and for the world.


It was the day that Pope Francis, the Vicar of Christ on earth, offered special prayers and blessings for remedy and relief from the Coronavirus sickness

that is bringing sadness and suffering all over the world.


This event took place at 6 PM Friday in Rome, which was Noon in Alabama.

If you missed seeing it real-time, you can still view it by tapping into the web site:

Vatican Portal and searching for Pope Francis Moment of Prayer March 27, 2020.


It was more than a moment of prayer ... it was a very holy hour!


To begin, the Holy Father referred to the account in Mark’s Gospel where a storm comes up striking fear among the Apostles while Jesus remains asleep in the boat.


Once He awakens and calms the sea, He asks them: “Why were you afraid?”


Pope Francis then preaches the most wonderful homily ... carefully crafted ... using the most beautiful words and images ... to leave us filled with trust and hope.


Moreover, the woman who translated the Pope’s words into English added another level of peace and comfort with her beautiful voice and delivery.


The Holy Father then prayed before a beautiful image of Blessed Mother Mary

and then kissed the feet of Jesus on a life-size Crucifix. He entered Saint Peter’s, incensed the Eucharist exposed in the monstrance and prayed in silence.


Finally, Pope Francis carried the monstrance outside of Saint Peter’s ...

where it was now raining heavily ...

and he blessed the world with the Most Blessed Sacrament!


Wow! Why are you afraid? We know the One who can help us through this Storm.

He is Jesus, the All-Powerful Son of God ... and He is in the boat with us!


Those with hearts carrying total detachment from sin may receive a Plenary Indulgence by participating in this Moment of Prayer! 


Please stay isolated ... stay well ... and pray!          Love, Father Deering


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