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Letter to the Parish -- March 20, 2020

Dear Parish Family                                                                     March 20, 2020


As of yesterday, the Coronavirus has infected more than 200,000 people worldwide and killed over 8,700.


This is serious.


And so how disappointing it was to read the words of the letter from Gannett’s President (owner of the Tuscaloosa News) stating:

“We’re confident our strength and resilience will carry us through this.”


No, what’s going to carry us through this is humbly calling upon the strength of Almighty God.


Columnist Cal Thomas, worded it this way in today’s paper:

“How about seeing this (shutdown from the virus) as an opportunity?

During Lent, some people give up certain things to practice self-discipline and demonstrate their devotion to God.  ...  Could this present a similar opportunity for those so inclined to seek a closer relationship with, ‘the God who made us.’”


The President of the United States thinks so as last Sunday he called for the nation to pray that God might remove the threat of the Coronavirus and protect us from it.


And Bishop Baker certainly thinks so in calling all of us to offer our prayers and fasting this day for God to relieve the suffering from the virus all over the world.


Sacrifices made on Friday are especially powerful because we offer them to the Father in solidarity with the sufferings of His Son, Jesus, on Good Friday.


Our strength and resilience is important in any struggle, but it pales in comparison to the Almighty power of God, who is ever ready to help us with supernatural strength. So, let’s not hesitate to beg for his special help.


You were all wrapped in my prayers at Holy Mass this morning.


Please stay isolated as much as you can ... stay well ... and pray!


Love and Prayers,


Father Deering


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