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Letter to the Parish -- April 17, 2020

Dear Parish Family                                                                                              April 17, 2020

Happy Easter!


Oh, how I want to say that to you in person!

And with the grace of God ... that day will be coming soon!


In the meantime, be on the lookout for the

Little White Book

that we mailed to many of you.


It’s an easy and rewarding way to sustain

the glory of the Easter Day for the next 50 days

that bring us to the Great Day of Pentecost.


With the public celebration of Mass being suppressed through April 30th

and possibly beyond, we will continue to Live-stream and Record

Holy Mass for the upcoming Sundays until we’re allowed to gather again.  


Please log onto our Holy Spirit Church web page at:


and click on the Red Letter message to see Liturgies.

then click on YouTube or Facebook

and select the appropriate Sunday to view.


This coming Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday,

and because of the pandemic, Pope Francis offers the following privilege 


Anyone who, with “the will to fulfil the usual conditions (sacramental confession, Eucharistic communion and prayer according to the Holy Father's intentions),

as soon as possible,” recites the Divine Mercy Chaplet with the intention

“to implore from Almighty God the end of the epidemic, relief for those who are afflicted and eternal salvation for those whom the Lord has called to Himself,”

can receive a plenary indulgence each day.


Easter Joy!   Love, Monsignor Deering


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