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April 27, 2020 update

Dear Parishioners and RCIA Class                                                                   April 27, 2020


We just celebrated the Third Sunday of Easter and so I say it again ...

Happy Easter!


 Oh, that we never forget the greatest day in all of history ...

the day we creatures were put back in a right relationship with our Creator!


That’s what happened at Easter 2000 years ago.


God, our Creator, sent His Son to us as a man

and in His great love for us, He offered up His life for all of us ...

Yes, Jesus took on our sentence for the sins committed against God ...

and that freed us from paying the price ourselves

something that we could never have done ourselves

and made it possible for us to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven

to experience union and happiness with God who is Eternal Life.


How happy are the Saints and Angels to be in Heaven?


They are so happy that they never stop thanking God!


Imagine being that happy ... so happy that you’re filled with endless gratitude!


I invite you to get a glimpse of the eternal happiness of Heaven

by watching a new 7-minute video that came out 4 months ago, called:

The Veil Removed


Simply click on this link The Veil Removed – film and enjoy.


If you’ve been longing to get back to attending Mass ...

watching this video will take you to an even higher level of desire!


Please come by the Office if you’d like to pick up

a Little White Prayer book

to guide you through the last 4 weeks of this Easter Season.


May God bless you and your families.


Please stay isolated ... and stay well!         Easter Happiness!       Love, Father Deering


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