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We Remember Good Friday


We remember Good Friday


In March of 2009, we saw our monumental task of building a new church gently fall into place through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our well-scheduled plans begin to come together on Wednesday of Holy Week with the arrival of the life-sized corpus of our Lord from Italy.

The hand-carved corpus was to be mounted on a wooden cross made by Montgomery Woodworks and placed over the Tabernacle in the Sanctuary. As we completed the final touches with the furnishing of the building, we hoped to hold the first service in our new church at the Easter Vigil. As fate would have it, the crucifix had to be hung in the church on Good Friday.  Early on that Friday morning, the work crew arrived and along with Deacons Bill Remmert and Fran Viselli, they begin the placement of the crucifix on the wall. Deacon Fran cleaned the corpus and Deacon Bill carefully measured the placement on the cross.




 Deacons Bill Remmert (Montgomery Woodwork) and Fran Viselli along with a worker

clean and mount the corpus onto the Cross


Workers then lifted the cross and corpus and mounted them over the black marble wall that had been preserved from the old church building. The Tabernacle would be placed on the black marble as it had been in the original building.


 Workers lift the cross and corpus and mount them over the black marble wall

that had been salvaged from the old church building

As the sun brightly shown through the stained glass image of the Holy Spirit from the clerestory window, the workers carefully mounted the corpus on the cross and on to the wall. Some of those present will forever remember that morning as “nailing Jesus to the Cross” for all the sins we have committed. The crucifix reminds us of the price he paid and the forgiveness we gain through his obedience to the Father.



Crucifix of Jesus

Donated by Ophelia Harrison and Family

In loving Memory of her husband Ben



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